100+ K3 Data Connectors and Counting

K3 Makes Flowing Data From Legacy Applications & More Easy without Code

In this 4-minute video you’ll see how K3 is used for ETL, Data preparation and data orchestration solution of choice for enterprises for flowing data from legacy applications, data warehouses, data lakes, files and applications.

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K3 Data Connectors

Access the data you need, when you need it, without having to code

Data connectors are the portal to accessing data quickly and easily. K3 data connectors integrate with legacy and new applications alike regardless of where the data resides, from Amazon Redshift or Snowflake, to files, databases and more. With more than 100 pre-built connectors at your fingertips, eliminate the common challenges associated with streaming data.

With K3 You Can Do All of This and More Without Having to Code

K3 data process

In Turn, K3 becomes a Gamechanger for Business Professionals & IT by...

Saving Time

Normalize and transform data with ease in a no-code environment using a visual interface with rules and mappings.

Eliminating Bottlenecks

Say goodbye to data payloads that fail to get downstream, while also catching errors and reflowing data as needed.

Reducing Costs

Spend less on maintaining data pipelines by eliminating the need for complex, custom code.

Empower Your Organization
To Get Data Done

Access data from single records in real-time, then stream that data to other applications. Get data done without complicated code or intense technical support.

K3 enables every member of your operation to work with the data they need seamlessly without requiring allocation of specialized coding staff. 

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