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Domo vs. Broadpeak’s K3

Chances are, you're a high-performing employee who’s just trying to get your hands on some useful data… 

So you can actually do your job…

Have meaningful conversations with leadership… 

And drive smart decision-making…

While you’re incredibly smart, you’re still not a data engineer, and haven’t been able to bend the laws of physics to get a regular spot on IT’s calendar. It’s ok, nobody can 🙂

So as you look to take control of your own data…

Let’s talk about the key differences between Domo, and K3.

So first off, both data software solutions are great for people like you, because they offer a no, to low-code option. Meaning, you can get started without knowing how to code.

From there, objective product reviews at show the differences between K3 and Domo to be considerable.

So let’s compare what matters most—product capabilities, pricing, customer service, system reliability.. (or scroll down for the TL;DR recap if you ‘just can’t’).

K3 vs Domo Product Capabilities

K3 focuses on what they do best..

Getting data out (of even the toughest, most archaic systems), organizing it, and sending it towards the right target. Customer’s often use K3 and Tableau together, for the perfect combination of clean data, and gorgeous visualizations.

Domo offers a mix of data management plus visuals (BI).

And while this may sound great..

In reality, the experience can be a bit like “all in one shampoo.” 

Remember the first time you heard about all in one shampoo? “Shampoo and conditioner in one, that sounds amazing! 😀 

And then you tried it and were like.. Oh. Meh. 

Many product reviews supported that.. while it sounds nice to have data management plus visuals all in one, it may be just too many things for one company to be great at, all at once.

In fact, here’s what an analytics consultant had to say about Domo on

Broadpeak’s K3 vs Domo Pricing

Of course, cost is an important factor when considering any data solution.

One challenge with a lot of data software (including Domo) is that the cost seems good at first, but then you have to keep purchasing extra features and apps, and it ends up costing a fortune. So it can get really expensive to scale. 

K3 offers one robust, easy-to-use solution at one clear price.

Broadpeak’s K3 vs Domo Customer Service

It goes without saying, when you get stuck in the “data weeds,” you need help asap.

Objective company reviews have shown that Broadpeak is passionate about what they do, and committed to helping their customers succeed. You can count on Broadpeak to get you set up quickly and efficiently, and to be there (to pick up the phone!) as you scale.

Take a look at this review from Rachel who has been using K3 for over 2 years:

In contrast, it looks like Domo’s customer service lags behind any workable timeline, and is spotty at best.

One review for domo states: “The support case has been open for nearly a month and has just been escalated to someone that appears to know how to read the code I have been sending them to troubleshoot THEIR integration. They have promised resolution timelines twice and are now 2 weeks behind their initial promise”

System Reliability

It looks like Domo’s customer support may also lag due to a shaky system foundation.

“Compute resources are not brokered well and during high traffic times we can have dataflows run for up to 2 hours.. One of their pre-built integrations to a popular Web App, which Domo is responsible for maintaining and servicing, has never functioned properly with our Domo instance.”

In contract, K3 offers ease of use, with robust functionality you can rely on.

“We book about 6 thousand trades per day. Works like a charm.”


Both Broadpeak’s K3 and Domo set out to provide a low to no-code way to get data out of multiple systems, and make it usable. Domo also offers the ability to create visualizations right within their system. 

But ultimately, with shaky systems, unreliable support, and slow load times, Domo’s attempt to be the “all in one shampoo” of the data world falls short. And their “add on” pricing model makes it expensive to scale. 

Broadpeak’s K3 is a reliable system that can handle complex data mapping with ease. It’s offered at one clear price. And Broadpeak’s no-nonsense technical staff is here to help you get set up with ease, and answer software or data questions, at each stage of your business growth.

So where do we go from here?

One aspect of K3 customers love most—is their rules engine. 

To see the rules engine in action, watch the video tutorial, here 


Or if you’d like to speak directly with our team, go ahead and get in touch.

We’re always happy to chat about how K3 can solve your toughest data issues.