News | BroadPeak is a Finalist at Tech Crunch Disrupt

The day has finally come.  We’ve been under a news embargo for about a month, but K3 has been selected as a finalist at Tech Crunch Disrupt, a conference of new technology applications that are ‘disruptive’ to the current state.  We have matured from a focus on Energy Trading to Trading as a whole to the technology mainstream.  Bring on the world!

It’s interesting being one of the only enterprise applications in a room full of ‘apps’.  In a day where our attention span is limited to 140 character and organized around hashtags (#), how do you convey the complex functional footprint of an enterprise application in 6 minutes?  That was the challenge of the Startup Battlefield.  Present to a room of 2000 venture capitalists, technologists and press and capture their imagination around how your application will transform an industry.  Safe to say, our man Gordon Allott nailed it (click for full video and writeup).

As much as we have been demonstrating the functional power of K3, the organizational transformation it causes is the story that speaks to people.  If you work in IT or Operations for a large trading firm or bank, you know how painful it is to keep your systems interfaces up to speed with your business.  It’s a maintenance nightmare, and it reduces the job descriptions of smart people down to data cleanup activities.  With K3, companies can efficiently build and manage systems interfaces, which is a functional and cost transformation; but the experiential transformation is for the people working at these institutions.  No longer do IT and Operations need to clash around maintaining things like mappings and rules to move data between systems.  IT gets open source components to build the interfaces and then Operations can use K3’s simple GUI to maintain them.

Sound easy?  Good, because it is.  Email us for details on how your Developers and Operations people can start loving their jobs again.