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BroadPeak is a rapidly growing enterprise software company and, frankly, we don’t have time for egos and internal politics. To us, what is most important is not so much what you know now, but how quickly you can learn something new and apply that new knowledge.

BroadPeak maintains a no-policy vacation policy. We have a no-policy work schedule policy. We just don’t concern ourselves with what time you come or what time you go. Job success is based on accomplishment, not what time you show up every day.

Open positions

K3 helps companies manage complex data streams without having to rely on software developers. A key segment of our customers trade in futures and crypto markets and rely on K3 for critical data feeds and analytics. K3 delivers real-time data feeds from futures/options markets to drive risk management and back-office functions. Trading compliance groups leverage our analytical offerings to manage Position Limits and Trade Surveillance. Finally, K3 drives trade data feeds from customer systems to regulators for reporting obligations in various markets and regimes.

We seek a trading product manager to:

  • Deliver our suite of offerings to our global trading customers
  • Interact with users and stay current with industry developments to inform product direction
  • Work with engineering teams to prioritize software development efforts
  • Manage internal teams to timelines and customer commitments
  • Collaborate with delivery teams on both standardization and bespoke solutions where required
  • Investigate issues with QA and Dev teams

Product Managers are part of our Technical Analyst group which are the glue for our company and wear many hats. In addition to role specifics, they assist customers with support, training, and solution design.


  • Minimum 2 years experience in building/delivering futures trading technology
  • Knowledge of Agile SDLCs. Experience with JIRA is a plus.
  • Demonstrated data/reporting skills using SQL, Power BI, and/or Tableau
  • Technical fluency with command line, SQL, Linux, Windows
  • Communication of technical details to a less technical audience
  • Comfortable multitasking and re-prioritizing in a fast paced environment
Review job descriptions for the following positions. Direct applications only, no agencies please.

These are not simply “put your head down and code” roles. Rather, we require well-rounded individuals who can architect technical solutions, articulate trade-offs of various approaches, and do all this with a high degree of empathy for the people that will be using using our software.

  • Familiar with Functional programming. At least, you are curious and excited about using Clojure or others like LISP, Scheme, and Scala.
  • If not, demonstrated skills with Java, C#, Python, etc. and have experience with the JVM ecosystem.
  • Solid understanding of multi-threading concepts and server side programming.
  • Experience with parts of our dev ecosystem consisting of Linux, Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Eclipse, EMACS.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of CompSci like data structures, system architecture and coding skills.
  • Solid understanding of relational databases.
  • Domain experience working with complex data including but not limited to financial and trading information, large data sets, high volume processes is a plus.

The best way to make an impression is to share your work with us. Github or otherwise…proof is in the pudding.

LOCATION: This job is based in NYC in our Flatiron district office but would be remote for the time being.

We are currently looking for a technical analyst to respond to customer inquiries, troubleshoot software bugs, help on implementations and act as internal glue to help us scale smartly. Do you have a passion for figuring out how things work? Do you pursue answers relentlessly? Do you like to learn learn learn? This role will have you:

  • Be the front line with customer support
  • Manage software quality assurance with internal teams
  • Maintain internal knowledge base of ‘troubleshooting tips’
  • Automate software deployment, configuration, and monitoring processes
  • Help manage our internal AWS infrastructure The role is as much about communication and thoughtfulness as it involves technology. It must be executed with a high degree of empathy for the people that will use our software. 


  • You ABSOLUTELY MUST enjoy discovering the details of complex systems and understanding how they work
  • Must be both Linux and Windows savvy and comfortable with the command line
  • Early morning work excites you
  • You must SQL query comfortably around a DB. “select * from…” is the start of a wonderful investigative journey
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure, large Enterprise Systems, and Financial Services is a plus
  • Must be able to get your hands dirty sorting through data in Excel

LOCATION: This job is based in NYC in our Flatiron district office but would be remote for the time being.

K3 is laser focused at helping large companies quickly marshal data between new and old applications alike. By the end of their first year, our average client has over 18 applications connected using K3. Revenue continues to grow and we have a rapidly growing set of happy Fortune 500 clients.

We have two openings for Enterprise Sales.


  • Driven Sales Champion. You are have superpower networking and relationship-building capabilities.
  • Ability to work with internal subject matter experts to quickly assemble an actionable client solutions and proposals.
  • Great go-getting personality. Talking and writing are second nature to you.
  • Experience coordinating experts and marshalling internal people to satisfy sale needs.
  • Understanding of Data, the complexity of the enterprise application landscape, and fundamentals of Business Intelligence.
  • Knowledge and understanding of integration products, financial markets, trading etc. is a big plus.
  • We provide our sales people every opportunity to have an absolute blowout year.
  • Absolutely clean code and a stable of subject matter experts to back you up.
  • Uber-collegial working atmosphere. We are adults and professionals. It’s about getting our jobs done. We never mistake just sitting behind a desk between 8 and 6 as actual performance.
  • Deep love of disruptive technology. Addiction to clean, well designed code. We believe we are in the middle of a once in a lifetime technology revolution. But, most has yet to find its way into large enterprise. We’re here to change that.

LOCATION: You must work in our NYC office and be willing and able to travel as necessary.

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